On August 12, 2022 we lost the captain of our Bridal Showcase ship; John Bentley. Bridal Showcase ends with the loss of John. There will be no shows without him. He was BRIDAL SHOWCASE.

Our first Cal Expo show was in January 1995. I’d like to thank all our wonderful vendors that joined our Bridal Showcase events and all the brides and their families that attended the shows through the years. There would have been no shows without you.

Also, thanks to Len Shapiro, John’s lifelong friend and business partner; Richard Key, our fantastic website and graphics guru; Lisa Sudbeck, our sales manager and all our wonderful friends that helped us produce the show from past to present. You are the best!!

I will miss you all but most of all I miss my beloved husband of 44 years, JOHN R. BENTLEY.